News From the DASA Office

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BOOKING FOR THE CONVENTION You can still book in December and start paying off from December GOOD NEWS!! Membership fees will only be payable by 30 April as from 2018 and not in December any more!! PRICE CHANGE The Tiny … Continued

Cathsseta Registration

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We are thrilled to inform you that our Cathsseta registration has finally been approved!! Students completing the Teachers Training Course from 2018 will receive a NQF level 4 Qualification! All students who have completed the new Teachers Training Course since … Continued

New Grade 1

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The new Grade 1 syllabus has been launched at the Convention in February this year with great success! This new syllabus focusses on improving coordination, articulation of feet, building strength and much more. Members received a 7 hour workshop to … Continued

Test Examination

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A “Test” Examination, is offered, from Primary – Grade 4. This is a special option available for the child who needs assistance in the exam room whether it be emotional or memory wise. The technical standard required in a Test … Continued

DASA Convention 2017

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On 17 and 18 February 2017 DASA held it’s annual DASA Convention at Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate. This year’s focus was the new Grade 1 syllabi, which was enthusiastically received by all members present. Teachers left the convention eager … Continued

Late Entries

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A 10% surcharge on the gross fees will be charged on all entries received in the week after the closing date and a 20% surcharge for all entries received in the second week after the closing date. No entries will … Continued