Major Workshops

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Students attending major workshops will only be admitted when accompanied by their teacher. The teacher must be present for the duration of the workshop. Even if your student is an adult, you need to attend the workshop with the student. … Continued

Exam Entry Forms

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Before completing your exam entry, DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION from the DASA website. As errors do occur we occasionally have to update the exam entry forms, but the most recent version will always be available for download on the website. … Continued

Examiners Suggestion

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When having to use bad or back roads with unclear road signs, the examiners have suggested that it would be nice if teachers organised a parent or someone to escort them to and from the exam venue.

Convention 2018

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ONLY R500 FOR THE WEEKEND As a SPECIAL the cost of the ERN workshop will be included in the 2018 Convention price. This means that your ERN number will AUTOMATICALLY be updated if you attend the Convention in 2018 and … Continued

Membership Fees 2018

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Membership fees will only be payable by 31 March as from 2018 and not in December any more!! Members will ONLY be invoiced in March 2018. You can however already make payments towards your Membership and Studio Levy should you … Continued


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DASA no longer has a post box number and we don’t receive mail delivered to the new office, as there are no mail boxes available here. Please contact us for arrangements should you need to send something to the office.

Dancing Movie Stars

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Ané Erasmus Dans Ateljee het op 15-17 Junie 2017 ‘n pragtige produksie naamlik Dancing Movie Stars in Brits aangebied. 140 dansers van die ateljee het die spesiale kunsvorm naamlik ballet deur ritmiese bewegings van hul liggame op ou en bekende … Continued