This year we introduced the first five levels of our brand new DASA Contemporary Syllabus. The first five levels presented were as follows:

  • Pearl (Level 1)
  • Ruby (Level 2)
  • Sapphire (Level 3)
  • Amethyst (Level 4)
  • Peridot (Level 5)

Our wonderful examiners introduced these levels during workshops presented between the dates of 19 and 26 February throughout the country. Thank you to each and every examiner and their assistant teachers who helped present these workshops – we know how much hard work you had to put in (in a very limited time frame) and we appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm!

We would also like to thank all our dedicated teachers who joined in the workshops, bringing their excitement and knowledge along so that we were all able to learn and grow together. We personally witnessed your incredible dedication and passion for your vocation and it was a privilege to work with you!

We hope that these workshops inspired teachers to go out and grow DASA’s new Contemporary leg, and even beyond that, that the new syllabi will help our teachers to grow their students and studios. Chukkas to all the teachers who are taking on this new syllabi, may you keep tackling challenges with the same dedication and passion you showed us during the workshops!

– Nanette & Nienke

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