The science and technique of classical ballet have evolved over hundreds of years and if its principals are strictly adhered to, with understanding and careful application at each level of training, the allegro will develop naturally.  This requires great patience from both pupil and teacher.

Allegro is the culmination of the dancer’s art and as such it should be the culmination of every ballet class. The foundations and fundamentals of allegro are established from the beginning of the barre work through the port-de-bras, centre practice and adage, in which each exercise and every movement is relevant to the allegro.  Throughout the sessions of the class it is the understanding and command of correct stance, placing, line, co-ordination and musicality which ultimately sustains the allegro.

Dancing is movement and a classically well-trained body is able to move with agility and accuracy at many different speeds and rhythms dictated by the music.  The freedom gained from understanding, strength and control of every movement and step in the vocabulary of classical dance gives the freedom to use dance as a means of expression.

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