Lindsay’s School of Ballet (Lindsay Osbourn of Uvongo, South Coast), celebrated its 10th year anniversary by performing the 2019 reimagined production of Tchaikovsky’s, The Nutcracker.

Held at the Wild Coast Sun, Tropical Nights Theatre on Saturday 12th October 2019, two shows were performed for a near sold out auditorium. The audience was dazzled by the stage set-up, brilliant costumes and 120 stunning dancers.

In this version of The Nutcracker, Drosselmeyer is depicted as a mysterious Madame. At her Christmas Eve Party, she presents Clara Stahlbaum and other children with beautiful gifts, the most precious is a Nutcracker, presented to Clara. During all the excitement Fritz, Clara’s brother, breaks her dear Nutcracker. Madame Drosselmeyer consoles Clara, sends Fritz to bed and promises that all will be well. Clara drifts off to sleep.

At the stroke of midnight, a snow fairy awakens the Nutcracker, he is then confronted by the evil Mouse King and his mice. The Nutcracker wakes Clara and attempts to protect her. A battle ensues, the Mouse King is defeated. They travel to the Land of Sweets through the snowy Forest of Fir Trees on a magnificent sleigh.

In the 2nd Act Clara finds herself surrounded by the Angels of Time, she sees herself as a grown woman. She wakes her up, the grown Clara is greeted by The Sugar Plum Fairy and taken to the Palace of the Land of Sweets. Once there, all the kingdom is there to greet her, including her Nutcracker who is now a real person. He tells the crowd of how they defeated the Mouse King. Sugar Plum declares a celebration. After the joyous festivities, it’s time for Clara to return home. She is carried away by the snowflakes and Angels of time, with beautiful memories of her wonderful adventure.

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