A production by Dance-4-Joy (Lizel Kruger & Leandra Erasmus), Lizette Mattheus Ballet Studio & Love to Dance (Sunica Haupt). What a positive experience to join forces between the three studios to put up a production in the State Theatre in June this year with a cast of 600 dancers!!

Kenneth & Gareth Oxley – Composers of the full length ballet
Kenneth & Gareth Oxley – Composers of the full length ballet

We adapted the story lines of “Barbie in the Princess & the Pauper” and the well know fable of “The Prince & the Pauper” to a workable storyline for a ballet production. We were so blessed to have two of our lead male dancer compose all the music for the show! They did a marvellous job, resulting in 32 tracks of music for this production.

We worked in different casts to give every dancer, from Tiny Tots to Advanced Performance as well as modern dancing students, the chance to perform on stage. Lead roles were danced by some of our DASA teachers (all assisting or teaching at the mentioned studios):



  • Sunica Haupt (principle of Love to Dance studio) as the Princess
  • Leandra Erasmus (assistant at Dance-4-Joy studio) as the Pauper
  • Kenneth Oxley (composer and Provisional member DASA) as the Tutor
  • Gareth Oxley (Advanced Performance student) as the young King
  • Anri Bosch (provisional member DASA) as the evil guy: Preminger
  • Uda van Oostrum (provisional member DASA) as the evil guy’s assistant: Midas the poodle
  • And don’t forget our stage manager, Chelain Buss (provisional member DASA)


A fun production with pas de deux work, comedy, brilliant acting and completed by the lovely décor, props and lighting of the
Pretoria State Theatre.






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