Elana Burger Dance School performed Tchaikovsky’s the Nutcracker in July this year. With four performances and many hours of dress rehearsals it was a good opportunity for the children to learn about commitment, theatre etiquette and team work, while having the time of their lives.
All the props and costumes were made by our very industrious mommy’s and daddies, even some of our older girls pitched in. We are very proud of the outcome and the feeling of accomplishment that this allowed. We got to spend time with the parents, building relationships and developing a sense of family in our studio.

While performances are never perfect, we enjoyed the story we could share with our community. The children danced their hearts out, and in the end just wanted to know when the next concert will be. Though the teachers were somewhat horrified at the thought, we look forward to sharing a similar experience with our studio again in two years.

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