Teachers Training Course Graduation

My name is Thabi Dlamini and I am honoured and humbled to address you on behalf of the CATHSSETA.

Congratulations graduates!

Today is a great day. It’s a day to celebrate with your families and friends. A day you’ve been waiting for since you entered the qualification. Indeed, your hard work has culminated in this momentous occasion. The graduation ceremony remains one of the most memorable events in anybody’s life. This comes at the end of a long journey of academic and social preparations. The diploma you receive today is your insurance policy with the premium paid in full by your hard work over the past years. The value of that policy depends on how much effort you put into your education and what you do with it as you go on. Use it. Take advantage of what it offers. Statistics show that a diploma is your passport to higher earnings and protection against tough economic times. It’s not a guarantee, but it will always be a help.

To all the graduates present here today in this momentous event, I commend you for the hard work you put into reaching what you have achieved today. As graduates, do not think that learning will stop here. Treat this graduation day as a gateway to a higher level of learning. As young adults, a new task is at hand… to better understand your craft, master it, and possibly achieve great things doing so. At the same time, you will need to learn how to face real-life hardships in your jobs, family, and social life. There would always be trouble along the way! But with all that has been said, do not see tomorrow with dim light for what lies beyond this day could be the highlight of your lives, the well-deserved fruit of all your labour from elementary to college.

“Remember that money is earned and spent but experience and wisdom through dedication, hard work, and strong faith will take you places and give you happiness that no amount of money can buy.”

I would like to congratulate your parents for a job well done in raising such successful students.

Thank you.

Teachers Training Course Graduation
(From right to left) Hestie van Biljon – Course Moderator, Vida Deminey – DASA Examiner, Nanette Gouws – DASA Director, Nienke Blaauw-Jenkinson – DASA Director

Teachers Training Course Graduation Teachers Training Course Graduation Teachers Training Course Graduation

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