2020 Convention is the year that DASA applied the 4-year rule for Major ERN’s to be obtained and commenced with an encouraging attendance by a large number of enthusiastic members. The reworked Major Syllabi by Miss Haupt was presented by Sharon Viljoen and Lesta Erasmus and extremely well received by all present. Thanks to everyone involved and for the well organised, smoothly run day and the delicious refreshment!

At the end of a very long and intensive day at “The Venue” the Namibia teachers “walked” the barre to the Maslow Hotel – where it was needed for the following 2 days of the Grade ERN workshop – and of course the bystanders and public were intrigued by this spectacle. There is absolutely nothing a dancer/s cannot do. See below! Thank you Ciska, Henrietta and Magdeline.

Both Grade and Major ERN’s are compulsory and are needed to enter Grades and Majors in examinations. If all goes accordingly to plan the next ERN workshop, connected to a Convention, will be held 2024.

The Convention workshops were extremely well attended and we applaud our members for their positivity and energy to have worked and danced so hard for the 3 days. To take home so much knowledge to share with students is always the positive spin off from attending these gatherings. Various examiners took the classes and shared their valuable knowledge with some interesting in put from members as well, which was to everybody’s gain.

Various important points re examination protocol, dress and grooming and the new Assessment Exam were discussed.

A most sincere thank you to the teachers who travelled from afar, driving and flying in from various locations. Thank you to the teachers who hosted other teachers and travelled up and down to the airport to fetch and carry members. DASA Hospitality!

A sincere thank you to our host at The Maslow who kept us hydrated and fed us with such delicious snacks, eats, tea, coffee and soft drinks continuously – these were all with compliments from the Maslow.

The lunch (paid for by the members who chose not to bring a packed lunch) was served at the Pool Lounge on Friday and we were in heaven – some teachers even had their feet in the water. Such fun and camaraderie.

Thank you to all members for the emails, sms and messages expressing your appreciation and thanks for this very successful 2020 Convention!

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