15 students enrolled for the 2020 academic year of the DASA TTC. The year started with ease and excitement and a productive 1st contact session in February.

Group photo 1st session
Class with Mildred Davidson – 1st session

However, the National Lockdown and the 2nd contact session collided with a bang… without a real sense of what lay ahead, we continued with discussion classes on the Monday and Tuesday, taking special measures as required, but were forced to cut the program short on Wednesday so that everyone could get home safely and have time to do their preparation before the lockdown started officially.

All the lectures presented were recorded and sent to learners from Natal and the Cape who were advised not to travel, and could therefore not attend. The ‘missed’ lectures were recorded afterwards and then distributed to all the learners.

The bravest of the brave who stuck it out till the Wednesday before lockdown….

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, associated travelling restrictions still in place and the fact that tertiary institutions will not yet be fully operational by the scheduled time for the 3rd TTC contact session, we had to implement plan B…

There will be NO physical classes presented at Oakfields College, but all discussions and lectures will be presented ONLINE, by means of either interactive Zoom classes or lectures uploaded on a DASA TTC YouTube channel. Links to the Zoom classes as well as YouTube will be distributed to learners during the week of 29 June to 3 July 2020. Learner Guides and Workbook Portfolios have already been couriered to the TC learners.

The First Aid course normally presented by TeriCorp will unfortunately have to be cancelled / postponed because of the practical component associated therewith. Learners will have the option to either attend with next years group, or arrange to obtain this on their own. A video lecture will however still be presented for the Unit Standard on First Aid, so that learners can complete the NQF requirements.

Depending on restrictions later in the year, we hope to arrange a shorter contact session with the learners to specifically “catch up” on some teaching practical. This is tentatively planned for end September, early October to coincide with submitting of final workbooks.

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