Caitlin Chetty

Caitlin ChettyCaitlin Chetty, a 33-year-old originally from Knysna, Western Cape, now residing in Benoni, Gauteng. My life has been a journey filled with diverse experiences and a passion for making a difference in my community. One of my greatest passions is dance, and I’ve been fortunate to share this love by facilitating ballet classes. These classes go beyond teaching dance; I aim to make each lesson purposeful and positive for ladies of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Through my lessons I am committed to teaching and helping people discover their potential through dance. Becoming a finalist in the Mrs South Africa program is a dream come true for me. The program’s values and attributes align closely with my own, and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to expand my reach and have a more significant impact on my community. It’s a platform that resonates with my personal ethos. My experience in the Mrs South Africa program has been life-transforming.

It’s nurtured my personal growth as a woman. The program has given me the chance to collaborate with other young, dynamic entrepreneurs in my community. Together, we can uplift and empower one another through this incredible platform. My background is multifaceted. I hold a National Diploma in Civil Engineering and work as a Short-Term Insurance Underwriter. In addition to my professional life, I’m a qualified Dance Instructor, teaching ballet part-time to both adults and children. During my spare time, I cherish moments with loved ones, instruct stretch classes, and create bespoke handmade gifts for my business, The Meraki Touch. My life journey has shaped me into a mosaic of diversity, and I embrace the essence of #EveryWoman.

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