Dancers from Sharon and Rochelle Vijoen performed a beautiful Coppelia in June at the South African State Theatre. DASA students from ages 4-16 formed part of the performances. One of the dancers who has danced with Sharon from the age of 4 shared her experience with us.

“What a privilege to be part of such an amazing production! Performing the Coppelia doll was such a pleasant and fulfilling experience. For the first time you can dance with you feet flexed, be the most beautiful character on stage and also be the one that Frantz desires. Performing Swanhilde, however, was the best part for me. For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to do the pas de deux, to wear the most beautiful tutu and to feel and to feel like a princess while dancing. I absolutely loved the dance routines that Swanhilde had to perform. I also adored her attitude while dancing. She is a beautiful, independent young women who knows the difference between right and wrong and would not allow any man to walk over her.”

“Performing in Coppelia was an experience that I will treasure in my heart and keep in my memory forever. I am deeply grateful for this wonderful opportunity.”

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